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News from Daniel

1. I have my first Bro. Danielson 7" out now. "The Kid" + "Five Stars and Two
Thumbs Up" out on Secretly Canadian...check the store at$4... come on break out the turntable.
2. Sufjan Stevens "Seven Swans" CD/LP is being released March 16 on
Sounds Familyre, and in Europe it will be released on Rough Trade. Sounds
Familyre will have a pre-order for the album around mid-February at, I'll let you know.
3. I am so happy to announce that Ken is taking over the webstore and other
various Sounds Familyre matters. I will now say I am so sorry for all the
people this past year who have waited 4-6-8-10-12 weeks for the orders to
get to you. All I can say is I was doing way way too much and for now on
things will be much more professional. Sorry.
4. Also I am so happy to announce that Jon (of Soul-Junk fame and my
brother-in-law) has joined the Sounds Familyre forces. Welcome Jon.
5. I am now working hard finishing up the Bro. Danielson- "Brother is to Son"
CD/LP. It is growing out of me remodeling peoples houses by day with my
dad. Then I go home and record the ideas I got that day. It's happening at a
slower pace than I'd like, but it seems to be the right pace. Hoping for a late
spring release date.
6. And finally Paul Goode is going crazy on rebuilding the Sounds Familyre
site. It is gonna be great with bloggers for every artist and an updated news/
shows page and updated store and much more goodies.
7. Sounds Familyre 2004- New Sufjan Stevens, Bro. Danielson, Woven Hand,
Dan Zimmerman, Lenny Smith, Singing Mechanic and much more.
8. Today I turn 32 years old. There's no turning back now.

Love, Daniel

The Danielson 7" is fantastic and all of you must buy it immediately. In addition to buying it from Sounds Familyre you should be able to pick it up soon from Secretly Canadian.

Happy Birthday Daniel, we all love you...

Acid reflux has got me now.
It wasn't even my birthday.
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